It is traditional for us to visit the Åland islands every summer. Åland is boiling of energy during summer, while the archipelago is calm and beautiful. The guest-harbors offers great service and everything you need close to hand. The community is on top around the harbours, and just like in other archipelagos, there are lots of islands to visit and explore!

Åland offers plenty of activities to participate in. You could visit different tourist attractions like Pommern, the only ship of its kind still afloat in original form or Kastelholms castle, a middle-age fortress built sometime in the 14th century. Biking, scuba diving and fishing are also types of popular activities to participate in while visiting Åland. The Rockoff festival as well as different types of markets are held constantly during summer. It is definately a place worth visiting. Get the most out of your trip to the Åland Islands by traveling with us!