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Qvarken Boat Charter (QBC) collects data and use cookies on this website. QBC complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The purpose of data collection is to improve customer service and marketing. In this privacy policy it is explained how QBC treats user data. The website is open to everyone, and does not require passwords. QBC does not transfer personal user details outside the EU.


Data collection:


QBC collects personal data by users in order to establish contact with customers. Examples of information required by customers is: Name, E-mail address, phone number and company name. QBC does not hand personal details to any third party without consent. If customer information is required by third party, ex. hotel/restaurant reservations made by QBC, your consent to this will be asked for separately over phone or by E-mail.


Every identified user has the right to see their personal details gathered by QBC though this website, and have it deleted/corrected if necessary.

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QBC is using cookies on this website to improve marketing and user experience. QBC use Google Analytics and Leadfeeder, which provides statistics on how many visitors this website has, which of the website pages is most popular, which keywords people use that lead them to the QBC website etc. The most important thing to remember is that our cookies can never reveal an individual user and his/her personal information.


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